*Independent PE: Middle School*

During distance learning it is more critical than ever to get up and move your body everyday! This time in your day is designated for movement. Find things  you love to do during this independent PE time. Get outside and run, walk, bike, play basketball, dance, or practice yoga! There are so many options to get your body moving, so find the activities you enjoy! I will provide videos and resources below for each day if you find it hard to do things on your own.

Workout Apps to download:

*Note: these are all free, just always x out of the subscription page and all Apps offer free workouts*

Nike Training Club




Instagram workout accounts to follow:

Barrys Bootcamp

Rachael DeVaux

Kayla Itsines

PE Activities:

11/17 PE Activity

11/18 PE Activity

11/19PE Activity

11/23 PE Activity 

11/24 PE Activity

11/30 PE Activity

12/1 PE Activity

12/2 PE Activity

12/3 PE Activity

10/5 PE Activity

12/7 PE Activity 

12/8 PE Activity 

12/9 PE Activity 

12/10 PE Activity 

12/14 PE Activity 

12/15 PE Activity 

12/16 PE Activity

12/17 PE Activity

 PE Activity

PE Activity

 PE Activity 

PE Activity 

 PE Activity

 PE Activity

PE Activity

 PE Activity

 PE Activity

PE Activity